Bir Umut Yeter

Bir Umut Yeter

HD 6.0 112 min

Bir Umut Yeter – When retired from military service, Yilmaz, he will realize that he was wrong in a short time, even though he thinks that he started a new and lonely life. Yilmaz Koycegiz, who has no expectations of life, is so impressed by the joy of life that Elif meets that two young people decide to marry with the insistence of Elif in a short time. Even though the miscarriages that Elif has given up in time shake their marriage, their lives will be turned upside down when a miraculously new born baby enters at a time they never expected…

This is, Bir Umut Yeter (One Hope is Enough).

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Serial: Bir Umut Yeter
Title in English: One Hope is Enough
Country: Turkey
Genres: DramaRomance

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