Bir Kucuk Gun Isigi

Bir Kucuk Gun Isigi

HD N/A 107 min

Bir Kucuk Gun Isigi – Elif is very much in love with Hakan. The only thing missing from their marriage is a child. While Elif is considering starting the adoption procedure, she learns that Hakan had an accident. And her life begins to change irreversibly. Firat, on the other hand, finds the trail of his sister Dila, who has been missing for years, and brings her back home. Firat is torn between his dictatorial and oppressive mother Umran and his rebellious and frivolous sister Dila. While Elif’s life is turned upside down, Firat is unaware of the web that fate has woven for her. The paths of Elif and Firat cross in a way that they will never part again…

This is, Bir Kucuk Gun Isigi (A Little Daylight).

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Title in English: A Little Daylight
Country: Turkey
Genres: Drama

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