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Gaddar – Episode 17

Gaddar Episode 17

HD N/A 116 min

Gaddar - Episode 17 with English Subtitles Online for Free - (Full HD + Download) - (The Cruel Episode 17) | YoTurkish & Turkish123

Gaddar - Daghan, a soldier in the East, returns home for a mental break after traumatic experiences, only to find his life upended. His estranged girlfriend Aydan is missing, fueling his distress. His family is in disarray: his sister eloped, his brother turned to crime, and his parents are distraught. Daghan's absence has left a void, leading to the family's downfall. The neighborhood too has changed, now overrun with crime and old friends entangled in illegal acts. In this chaos, a figure known as Manager emerges, offering Daghan a job as a hitman. Initially resistant, Daghan is drawn in after his friend Samet's death, agreeing to the job to protect Samet's family. His turmoil deepens upon discovering Aydan's infidelity, shattering his hope of reunion. Realizing his family's safety is at risk due to his new role, Daghan sees no choice but to embrace brutality to protect his loved ones. This is, Gaddar (The Cruel).

Serial: Gaddar
Title in English: The Cruel
Country: Turkey
Genres: ActionDrama
Directors: N/A
Status: Completed

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