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Ne Gemiler Yaktim – Episode 8

Ne Gemiler Yaktim Episode 8

HD N/A 119 min

Ne Gemiler Yaktim - Episode 8 with English Subtitles Online for Free - (Full HD + Download) - (What Ships I Have Burned Episode 8) | YoTurkish & Turkish123

Ne Gemiler Yaktim - The story narrates the unexpected friendship between Fidan, a protective mother, and Yasemin, a young widow raising her daughter alone. Their lives intertwine when Yasemin's daughter goes missing and Fidan helps find her. As their bond deepens, they become embroiled in a crime, drawing them closer to Fidan's estranged husband Rutkay and Chief Inspector Toprak, who's pursuing Rutkay's criminal activities. Through shared struggles, Yasemin and Fidan find solace and strength in each other's company. This is, Ne Gemiler Yaktim (What Ships I Have Burned).

Title in English: What Ships I Have Burned
Country: Turkey
Genres: Drama
Directors: N/A
Status: Completed

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